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The #1 online construction store
Call +(254) 703 030 000 / 751 483 999 / 721 704 777
Call +(254) 703 030 000 / 751 483 999 / 721 704 777
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The #1 online construction store

Vendor Registration

vendor registration

Who is a vendor?

A vendor is a registered seller on our website. The registered vendor creates and manages an online shop and has the ability to sell their products online & on As an approved vendor, we enable you to take orders from online customers who visit our online pages and digital platforms. Registered shoppers are paired with our vendor’s products and once a purchase is made, shoppers are offered shipping & delivery options as agreed with the vendor.

We deduct a standard merchant fee of 10% as commission for all vendor sales. View our terms & conditions  and cookie policy

Why become a vendor on EYBY?

  • Create your own shop and assign shop managers to ran your online store on EYBY.
  • Showcase, advertise and sell your products or equipment on various areas of the website
  • Sell in bulk and/ or wholesale while managing your own online inventory
  • Assign team members to manage your online shop
  • Fetch useful data & analytics to make informed business decisions.
  • Your online shop will be highly optimized to attract online users with buyer intent on search engines such as Google and Bing.
  • As a preferred vendors on EYBY, we offer targeted advertising for your products on digital platforms e.g. social media platforms & PPC-based ads .
  • We ensure that purchased products are delivered without damage
  • EYBY verifies vendors and provides a unique shopping experience for online users. Join our approved vendor list and sell on any of our store categories.

To become a successfully registered vendor on EYBY, you will will be required to complete the following steps:

  1. Download, sign and upload the 2 required documents below – The E-Marketplace Contract & Vendor Guidelines
  2. Fill in the below vendor registration form and submit your request.

EYBY- E-Marketplace Contract

EYBY – Vendor Guidelines

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